Eagle Point Network’s Breakthrough Payment Solutions

Eagle Point Network offers a comprehensive suite of financial solutions that are creating the new normal in the way companies manage their data, process financial transactions, pay vendors, manage travel and entertainment and even pay employees.  Our solutions are more than just tactical nuances.  Implementation of our solutions strengthen your bottom line by reducing overhead cost, increasing productivity, developing additional revenue streams and reduce risk of financial fraud.

All Electronic Fund Transfer Are Not Equal

Our Virtual Payment Solution delivers payments instantaneously anywhere in the world.  You gain unprecedented control through choosing day and time of delivery.  Reconciliation is streamlined.  Vendor satisfaction is greatly increased as well as Days Payable Outstanding.

Mobile Payments Solutions

My Mobile Money® is not a “one size fit all” solution.  Our solution provides for fees that are designed for the user.  Large companies with several field agents will be provided discounts for volume.  Consumers will pay a bit more for occasional use.


Corporate Branded Card

Our Corporate Branded Card (i.e. Amex/ Visa/MasterCard/Discover) is superior to any corporate credit card.  Our Corporate Branded Card is a “self-directed” or prepaid card with features designed for corporations, government agencies, non-profits and associations.



New Strategic Considerations

Business trends move at the speed of new technology.  Our payment solutions change all the rules for C-level executives.  Our solutions will enhance customer satisfaction, drive vendor loyalty, increase profitability and develop revenue streams that were never possible until now.