Who We Are

Eagle Point Network was established by a team of experienced professional in financial processing and transaction industry, marketing and communications, retail and manufacturing.  One of our principals is the original architect of the Self Directed Prepaid product, which was approved by MasterCard in 2002.

We have been listening to our constituents, business leaders, regarding the lack of American ingenuity in payment solutions.  Consumers have enjoyed greater flexibility and innovation in payment solutions than business.

We get it!  Our commitment is to deliver a suite of re-engineered solutions that are on the way to becoming the new normal.  We focused on the first principles of business by optimizing profits, effective management of overhead and efficient use of resources to assist management in gaining unprecedented control.

It may appear at first glance that our products are tactical solutions but closer examination will reveal strategic initiatives that represent paradigmic shifts to improve bottom line results.

We will never stop innovating.

Feel free to let us know what you think; we’d love to hear from you.