Vendor Adoption

Eagle Point Network’s suite of payment technologies is configurable and scalable providing solutions for any industry including corporate, healthcare, insurance, education, government, non-profits and associations.

We utilize IBM mainframes and our modular design architecture accommodates the use with almost any Payee’s existing software or hardware. Eagle Point Network’s suite of payment technologies is bank neutral and will integrate with almost any ERP system. 

Vendor Enrollment & Adoption Campaign

Eagle Point Network will work with your unique circumstances to maximize vendor adoption and acceptance.  We understand resistance to change. We will work with you to craft your message to your vendor/payees.

Payment Disbursements

Eagle Point Network’s solutions consolidate and integrate all payment types including paper check disbursement, EFT such ACH and bank wires into our suite of payment solutions supporting a seamless transition.

Electronic and Mail Invoice Presentment and Payments

Eagle Point Network’s complete suite of payment solutions allows you to completely automate the workflow process. We will provide third party check payments and ACH processing for those vendors that do not immediately enroll in our breakthrough process. We have our own printing and fulfillment centers.