Home Warranty

Eagle Point Network’s Home Warranty Payment Solutions will simplify payments to contractors and service providers for homeowners that have purchased a home warranty policy.

Home Warranty policies can be complex because of the immediacy of the claims. The circumstances surrounding the claims are even more complex and often demand urgency to fund the Payee. Claims involving HVAC are likely to fail during extremes of weather or roof leak that are only noticed when heavy rain or snow falls.

Just as importantly, service providers are busiest under such conditions and will therefore be looking to have assurance of immediate payment.

You have the right to simplifying the transfer of funds to Payees while maintaining security and compliance. One constant that remains the same, the Payee wants to be paid on an immediate basis and the homeowner needs their repairs.

A “one size fits all” solution will not work. Here are few of the benefits we offer:

• Secure payment solutions that assure underwriters
• Significant reduction in issuance of paper checks or corporate credit cards
• Streamlined reconciliation process
• Increased insured and provider satisfaction

Home Warranty Payment Solutions is easy to implement, secure and there are no transaction fees. Our Payment Solutions will also reduce inquiries into the Call Center.

Would this help retain customers and drive new prospects?