Insurance Overview

Eagle Point Network provides the insurance industry the most comprehensive suite of payment solutions available.  A member of our founding management team is the original architect of the MasterCard Self Directed Card Program, Corporate Spending, Corporate Card and the Virtual Payment Solution.  This program was approved by MasterCard in 2002.

In mid-2012, we began to offer the suites of products directly to corporations, insurance carriers, TPA and other business organizations.  Previously, we implemented and executed programs for ISO (independent sales organizations).

Eagle Point Network’s Insurance Payment Solutions suite is not a “one size fits all” product offering.  Our suite of payment solutions are configurable and scalable to suit, healthcare payments, property and casualty, workers compensation, auto insurance, auto warranty programs and home warranty insurance.

A few of the benefits and differentiators of our suite of products:

• Payment Solutions for Insured workers replacing costly checks
• Catastrophic Payment Solutions for Consumer Claims in Disasters
• Virtual Card and Vendor Cards for Providers
• Expense reimbursements for adjusters

All payment solutions are not created equal “one size does not fit all.”