Workers Compensation Payment Solutions

Eagle Point Network’s Workers Compensation Payment Solutions is a re-engineered solution to a complex insurance vertical. There are various payment solutions available for the Providers that care for insured workers.

However, for the insured worker, issuance of paper checks is still the industry standard. For many insured workers, there are challenges receiving checks. For instance, because of the life changing situations surrounding their injury, depositing and negotiating a check can become an additional challenge.

Eagle Point Network’s Workers Compensation Payment Solutions has products that will address those challenges. Simplifying the process of those injured employees will provide peace of mind and greater satisfaction.

The process for the Providers will remain much the same as our Healthcare Payment Solutions.

A few of the benefits to consider are:

• Unprecedented control of payment timing and delivery
• Significant reduction in overhead cost associated with paper checks
• Stream line your reconciliation process
• Superior to ACH and wire transfer
• Provider satisfaction exceeds 92%

If you remember only one thing, this program will not cost the
injured employee anything at all – ever!*

*Employee must meet certain criteria to qualify.  It is estimated that 55% will likely qualify for this program.