Auto Insurers

Eagle Point Network’s Auto Insurers Payment Solutions is a breakthrough game changer.

We get it. Auto Insurers are faced with a complex variety of Payees that in some cases are your insured. The circumstances surrounding the claims are even more complex and often demand urgency to fund the Payee. Car rental expenses, towing, healthcare and body shops are just a few examples.

You have the right to simplifying the transfer of funds to Payees while maintaining security and compliance even if the Payee is your insured or claimant and not a B2B Payee. One constant that remains the same, the Payee wants to be paid quickly.

A “one size fits all” solution will not work. Here are few of the benefits we offer:

• Secure payment solutions that assure underwriters, even for B2C Payees
• Significant reduction in issuance of paper checks & corporate credit cards
• Streamlines the reconciliation process
• Increased insured and provider satisfaction

Auto Insurers Payment Solutions is easy to implement, secure and there are no transaction fees. Our Payment Solutions will also reduce inquiries to your Call Center.

Would this increase customer satisfaction and drive new prospects?