Eagle Point Network’s Healthcare Payment Solutions is a breakthrough in Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).  We have re-engineered the EFT system that allows Payers to jettison paper check systems, ACH and wire transfers.  The Payer gains unprecedented control over their payments to Providers.

Payers are able to deliver Providers Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) along with HIPPA 835 files, Explanation of Benefits (EOB) and Explanation of Payment (EOP) all electronically.  Payers determine exact date and even time of delivery.  Reconciliation is streamlined because it can be completed in the same automated process.  Moreover, there are no transaction fees to the Payer or Payees.

In a report by the Federal Reserve, it was estimated that the cost of sending paper checks is $2.45 per check.  McKinsey & Company estimated the cost at nearly $6.65 per check.  Neither report accounted for loss through fraud, stop check and re-issue cost.

Eagle Point Network will work with Payers to maximize adoption and enrollment by Providers.  Our experience shows that typical adoption and enrollment exceeds 50%, significantly greater than traditional EFT products.

Just a few of the benefits to consider:

• Unprecedented control of payment timing and delivery
• Significant reduction in overhead cost associated with paper checks
• Streamlines the reconciliation process
• Superior to ACH and wire transfer
• Provider satisfaction exceeds 92%

Best of all, our rebate program adds revenue to your bottom line.