Point of Purchase (POS) Solutions

Eagle Point Network’s Point of Purchase Solutions is not a “one size fits all” solution.  It’s important to recognize that the fees paid are largely set by the interchange.  Interchange fees are the same for every merchant services provider; consequently, most providers simply hide additional fees that change your actual net cost.

We will put you in control so you are able to make informed decisions.

Eagle Point Network provides a suite of services to streamline AP, corporate spending, healthcare payments with breakthrough payment technologies. Merchant processing is a small portion of our suite of services. We would rather tell you the truth about cost than to tarnish a potentially larger relationship.

Here is how we work:

• Analyze your objectives and goals
• Review your situation and simplify the fee structure
• Reduce the cost of your merchant services
• Provide software and hardware that fits your needs not ours
• Eagle Point Network will take the mystery out of the process, give you transparency
and let you decide.

It’s your money, you should be in control.