Customized Card Programs

Eagle Point Network offers customized card programs that meet the increasingly challenging regulatory environment. However, let’s face it; issuing corporate credit cards is risky and credit cards are no longer the only solution available.

About Eagle Point Network’s “Self Directed” Card

You are in control, so you decide. We will help you design a robust solution driven card that will respond to your specific business needs. Imagine the possibilities:

• Our card can be used in over 16 million locations world-wide
• It is able to access immediate cash world-wide
• There is no limit on purchase amounts or credit limits
• It is perfect for travel & entertainment and is accepted at hotels, airlines, car rental agents, restaurants or anyplace that accepts credit cards.
• Funds can be transferred instantly even internationally.

The greatest benefit for you is that you can specifically control every card individually as to ATM access, where the cards can be used or set predetermined per diems.

Your CEO can be granted permission and usage that is flexible and unfettered while local delivery personnel may for instance, only have access to purchase fuel.

Just tell us what you need. Call us, we’d love to hear from you.

“Self Directed” means it’s your money and you should be in control.